Say what?!

Did you know that coffee is America's second most popular beverage?? Just right after water! If this is true, then we must be consuming some of the best coffee beans in America, right? Well the truth is, the coffee purchased in your local grocery store, the coffee that has been sitting in your cupboard and most of the coffee in your favorite coffee shops are... "stale." That's right, stale. The coffee that you have been drinking every day, multiple times a day has more than likely been dead for weeks, months even. A lot of people are unaware of, and what retailers don't want you to know is that coffee is best consumed 1-7 days after it's roasted!

Fresh roasted coffee is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that boost your immune system and are all together beneficial for your body. That's why Dakota Roasters makes the coffee when you order! We want you to reap the maximum benefits of fresh roasted coffee! 

Don't let your body and taste buds down.. give fresh roasted coffee a try!