Let's French

Ever wonder what the difference of drip coffee and French press coffee is? Well it's simple!

Traditional drip is hot water poured over roasted coffee, which seeps through the ground coffee, absorbing it's oils and fragrance, using gravity to pass through the filter. This leaves the coffee clear of sediment and produces a light bodied coffee. Although drip coffee is free of some of it's rich characteristics such as it's oils and essence, it's provides a longer lasting full body flavor and aroma that permeates it's surroundings.

French Press is the simple process of mixing coffee grounds and hot water and "pressing" them together. The coffee bean comes into contact with the hot water and will create a less acidic, and more gentle and bold cup of coffee.  French press coffee creates a more concentrated and flavorful cup. Using a medium to coarse grind will be sure to make the "perfect cup of coffee." Bringing out the coffee's natural essential oils to be diffused throughout the cup. It is more caffeinated and full of antioxidants. 

So the choice is yours.. French it, or drip? .. You decide. 



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